These 10 CES 2019 Winners Deserve Your Attention

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The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is again showcasing myriad innovations, so no matter where your interest lies, something new, exciting and possibly traffic stopping could tempt you. For a taste of what to expect on retailer shelves and websites in 2019, we’ve culled select products from hundreds of innovations debuting at CES that take their places within the 700,000-product launches taking place at CES during the past 50 years.


Company: Heatworks

Product: Tetra countertop dishwasher

What it does: This countertop dishwasher also cooks seafood, according to one incredulous reviewer. In fact, this product stands out because it requires no plumbing. Not the best choice for a large family, this space-saving innovation uses just a gallon of water to take care of a small number of dishes, glasses and cups in just minutes.


Company: Scosche

Product: BoomBottle Bluetooth speaker

What it does: This water- and dust-resistant speaker also serves as a bottle opener so the audiophiles under you can listen and indulge your desire for a brew at the same time. Set the speaker to indoor when you listen to your playlist or switch it to the Outdoor EQ function that is likely to get a dance party started.


Company: Samsung

Product: Family Hub 4.0 refrigerator

What it does: Communicates with family members via intelligent home assistant technology. The Personalized Family Board can be programmed to post activities, interests and events. The appliance’s voice command capability has been improved so it feels less like talking to a cyborg and more like conversing with a human.


Company: Watergen

Product: Genny Atmospheric Water Generator

What it does: Siri and Alexa meet Genny, the “water from air” generator with the potential to deliver high quality drinking water minus the tap, plastic landfill issues and environmental contaminants. Plug this water-from-air generator into an outlet and churn out up to 25 liters daily.


Company: HP

Product: Chromebook 14 Laptop

What it does: Affordability? Performance? That’s what HP delivers with its new Chromebook, designed for people who need a laptop but for one reason or other, don’t want to take their pricey one out and about. Video editing? Not so much. But it will get the basic computing job done at a price that won’t require you to tap your brokerage account.


Company: Speck

Product: GrabTab Cell Phone Holder and Stand

What it does: For around the cost of a Big Mac and fries for two, this clever mobile device not only gives you a great grip on your device, but attachments fold flat or pop out to form a stand you can use to consume vlogs, content and other goodies. Wireless charging is a benefit that may prompt you to buy several for gifts, too.


Company: Wilkinson Baking Company

Product: BreadBot

What it does: Whether you’ve got a community to bake for or you’re hungry to launch a baking business, you don’t need much space to install a BreadBot, the “fully automated bread-making machine that mixes, kneads, proofs, bakes and sells bread like a vending machine.” Churn out 10 loaves an hour with no human intervention.


Company: Garmin

Product: Vivoactive 3 Music sports watch powered by Verizon

What it does: This “touch-controlled device is closer to a smartwatch experience.” Safety features are stellar; send pre-programmed distress messages by depressing a button for 5 seconds or launch a preprogrammed SOS message. And yes, this Garmen does other clever watch things, like play music and connect you to the world.


Company: DJI

Product: Uneec’s Mantis Q drone

What it does: Expect to take out your checkbook for this new drone, but since it was given a CES 2019 Innovation Award, you may not care. Enjoy 3 automatic flight modes, return to home, a top speed of 44 mph and up to 33 minutes of fly time. Features like voice control, facial detection from 13 feet away and weighing in at just a pound, this drone lives up to its reputation for excellence.


Company: LG

Product: Signature OLED Rolling-screen 65-inch TV

What it does: One minute you see a TV; the next you see furniture resembling a credenza. A single remote button makes the switch. Worried this product is destined for early breakage? LG quality control folks raised and lowered it 50,000 times (the equivalent of 8 daily for 17 years) and it kept going. This TV has all the bells and whistles. Watch for its retail debut sometime in 2019.