The Mi Band 2 Coming Soon, Xiaomi Reports

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The Mi Band 2 Coming Soon, Xiaomi Reports 2The Mi Band 2 Coming Soon, Xiaomi Reports 3

Though fitness trackers are pretty ubiquitous in the current consumer electronics market, but Xiaomi has been on the radar for many consumers since the success of their original Mi. A few months after its official unveiling back in April by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, we’ve got a few new details concerning the Mi Band 2.

The Mi Band 2 is the third Xiaomi fitness tracker released in the last two years. Some of the updates to this model includes a new design, complete with an OLED display. And new features allow for fitness monitoring with accuracy that overshadows what’s been possible in the past, like battery life than can endure for approximately 20 days, sleep tracking, calorie tracking, and an up-to-the-step pedometer.

Those who use Xiaomi mobile phones will have the added benefit of syncing the two devices, alerting users of when they’ve been sedentary for too long and the progress they’ve made towards their independent fitness and health goals. It will also be open to customization as well, letting users swap out silicon bands to help compliment their outfits.

Xiaomi plans to debut the Mi Band 2 to consumers in China for the low price of $23 on June 7th. We’ll keep you updated on the launch and of course a detailed review. Stay tuned.

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