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Picking out the best fitness watches for your needs is a bit more difficult in than it was just a few years ago. No longer are the Jawbone and Fitbit the only names in the game. In fact, more and more big name brands want to get in on the action. As a result, determining the best fitness watches for your needs will take a bit of time and considerations. Here you will find seven of the most well-known and sought brands to consider. These fitness watch reviews should help to make your decision a bit easier.

Remember think about what you want to do and the features that are most important to you. When you do this it will help you come to the best watch/tracker for your needs.

FitBit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Originally released in 2014, this watch is considered one of the company’s greatest achievements. After seven generations of watches, this one surpassed the others with better technology and functionality than any of the past options. If you are searching for a tracker that will provide more than just the basics, then you are going to find this FitBit version pretty appealing.

Some of the most notable features of this watch, which make it appealing to people of all activity levels, include the following:

  • Heart rate tracker
  • Total daily activity tracker
  • Stair counter
  • Calories burnt

The FitBit Charge is without question, full of next-generation technology. An example of this technology is the vibration feature. This is designed to let you know if you haven’t active for a certain period of time, that it is time for vitamins or some other alarm or notification you set. The vibration feature replaced the previous alarm which could be disturbing or distracting in certain settings.

Pros of the FitBit Charge

  • Advanced technology
  • Affordable price
  • Connectivity to any wireless device

Cons of the FitBit Charge

  • The watch can be somewhat cumbersome for people with small wrists.
  • The different wristband sizes can be somewhat confusing.
  • Lacks all the features and functions of a smartwatch.

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Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband (Black, Small (5.4 - 6.2 in))

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: June 10, 2019 5:03 am

FitBit Surge Fitness Superwatch

When it comes to top fitness watches, there is no question that FitBit is one of the most well-known options. If you have a more extreme lifestyle and like to push yourself to the limits, then you are likely going to find the features and functions of the FitBit Surge highly appealing.

However, thanks to the FitBit designer’s innovative minds, this tracker is also ideal for the casual exerciser and everyone in between. Learning a bit more about this watch will help you make an educated decision regarding whether or not it is one of the best exercise watches for your workout needs.

When evaluating different fitness trackers, one of the first things you likely look for is features that are different than other options. One of the most notable for the FitBit Surge is its GPS tracking feature. With this function installed, you can track your speed and distance with ease.

Features You’ll Love from the FitBit Surge

Some of the most appealing features of the FitBit Surge include the following:

  • Ability to connect to your smartphone to receive calls and texts.
  • Smart notifications regarding your workout intensity and progress.
  • Ability to move between various activities

Pros of the FitBit Surge

  • Battery life that lasts up to 10 days.
  • Easily control your audio while wearing.
  • GPS tracking feature that doesn’t wear on the battery
  • Heart rate monitor that doesn’t require a chest strap.

Cons of the Fitbit Surge

Just like any of the other running watches out there, this one has a few potential drawbacks, as well as pros. These include:

  • Bulky design for people with smaller wrists (there are various size options).
  • More costly than other FitBit options.

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Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, Black, Small (US Version)

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: June 10, 2019 5:03 am

FitBit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

The Blaze is a highly sophisticated smartwatch that offers people of all fitness levels the features and function they want. No longer are you limited by what your watch will do, with the FitBit Blaze you have the features of a fitness tracker and smartwatch all in one.

Exciting Features of the FitBit Blaze

When it comes to fitness trackers and smartwatches, many have the same features. However, this has a few unique options that make it a bit more appealing for those who are looking for something more out of their tracker.

  • Distance tracker
  • Ability to set planned activity for more accurate results
  • Ability to connect to any smartphone

The FitBit Blaze also provides users with step-by-step instructions for exercising. This is extremely appealing for beginners who may want all the benefits of a personal trainer but who may not have the money to pay for one. However, this can also be beneficial for those completing more strenuous workouts, to help keep them focused and on track with what they are doing.

Pros of the FitBit Blaze

If you are looking for a sophisticated, capable fitness tracker with smartphone capabilities, then the Blaze is right for you.

  • Ability to program planned activity.
  • Heart rate tracker built-in.
  • Distance tracker for all activities.
  • Ability to link to a smartphone for checking calls and texts.

Cons of the FitBit Blaze

  • Some users claim the watch is too bulky for their wrist; however, multiple sizes are available.
  • Higher price than other watch/trackers on the market.
  • Occasional software glitches reported by some users.
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Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Black, Silver, Small (US Version)

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: June 10, 2019 5:03 am

$149.00 $167.52

FitBit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

The original offering of this device was released in 2008 and called the Ultra device. While it worked well, when 2012 rolled around it was definitely starting to show its age. The new design was the FitBit One. Featuring a more vivid design and Bluetooth connectivity, this modern device was just what consumers were looking for.

Best Features of the FitBit One

While this is considered a fairly basic model, there are a few features that are not offered on the entry-level FitBit:

  • Steps and distance traveled tracker.
  • Total calories burned.
  • Ability to monitor the quality of your sleep, rather than just how long you sleep.
  • Silent alarm features to wake you up and notify you of certain times during the day.
  • Easy to slip in inconspicuous places and works great.

This fitness tracker is ideal for those who are trying to improve their sleep cycle and offered at a relatively low price compared to other options available for sale.

Pros of the FitBit One

  • Wearable, but not on a wristband.
  • Easy to synch with other devices.
  • Ability to set goals and view progress thanks to the linked software.
  • Includes all features of a basic fitness tracker.

Cons of the FitBit One

  • Some find the design unappealing because they cannot wear it as a bracelet/watch.
  • Does not include smartphone capabilities or features.
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Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: June 10, 2019 5:03 am

FitBit Alta Fitness Tracker

Considered one of the most advanced sleep and fitness trackers offered by FitBit, Alta offers a number of appealing features that you would think would only be offered on more costly devices. For example, you can utilize the smartphone features to alert you when a text, call or calendar notification has come in. Most consumers also like the appearance of the tracker, especially the ability to change the plastic band to a metal or leather option.

Features of the FitBit Alta

There are a number of appealing features offered by the FitBit Alta, which include:

  • Ability to change from one activity to another with ease and accurate tracking.
  • Full OLED touchscreen.
  • Stylish design with multiple band options.
  • Ability to track quality and quantity of your sleep.

These features make it ideal for people who may be training for a triathlon and who need to switch from one activity to another without stopping to adjust the settings on their tracker. The Alta has the ability to determine what activity is being done to provide accurate readings for the athlete.

Pros of the FitBit Alta

There are a number of advantages offered by using the FitBit Alta, which include:

  • Low price for quality
  • Ability to change the look of the band to complement various types of dress.
  • Easily change from one activity to another without stopping

Cons of the FitBit Alta

There are also quite a few disadvantages of this fitness tracker that have to be known for you to make an educated decision, which include:

  • No heart rate monitor.
  • Potential issues with accurately tracking calories
  • Costs more than other fitness trackers available.
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Fitbit Alta HR, Black, Small (US Version)

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: June 10, 2019 5:03 am

$77.00 $129.95

Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

Finding a fitness tracker that goes above and beyond the average offerings can be a challenge, but with the Polar H7 Bluetooth option, you have quite an interesting and unique device. If you are ready to improve your athletic performance this is definitely the right tracker for you.

Exciting Features of the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

Quality heart monitors don’t need all the extra features that other fitness trackers offer. Since the main offering of this device is a heart rate tracker, you will find it performs significantly better than other options available for purchase.

Some of the other appealing features of this device include:

  • Counts total calories burned during a workout.
  • Ability to be submersed in water.
  • Included chest strap for accurate monitoring of calories and activities.

Pros of the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

When it comes to heart monitors, you won’t find an option better or more accurate than this one. Some of the specific benefits include the following:

  • Waterproof and able to be worn by swimmers.
  • Accurate heart rate tracking abilities.
  • Affordable price for everyone.
  • Ideal for beginners and more experienced athletes.

Cons of the Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

There are also some disadvantages of this device that you should be aware of prior to purchasing. This includes:

  • Uncomfortable chest strap.
  • Not able to be worn on the wrist.

Besides the few disadvantages, this is a popular device that quite a few athletes enjoy wearing due to its durability, design, and accuracy.

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Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker (Black, Medium/XX-Large)

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was on: June 10, 2019 5:03 am

$65.00 $72.86

The Bottom Line

There are more than a few fitness tracker options on the market today. To make sure you get the one that is right for your planned activities as well as your ability, it is essential to use the tips and information found here. Being informed will help anyone find the right fitness tracker for their needs and be confident in the choice they make. These often represent a significant investment, therefore being confident in the decision is a must.

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