Nokia 3310, ‘The Most Reliable Phone Ever Made’, To Be Re-Launched

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If you’ve been missing the seemingly unending battery life and near god-like resiliency of your old Nokia 3310 phone, then you’re in luck. It’s coming back! HMD, the company that owns the marketing rights to Nokia branded phones, is releasing a modern version of the iconic mobile phone. The new version is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month. HMD will also be unveiling the Nokia 3, 5, and 6.

The Best Loved Phone In History

Up next to today’s smartphones its features would be seen as laughably paltry. The 3310’s list of features was fairly impressive for the year 2000 however. It had a stopwatch, alarm clock, calculator, texting capabilities, and, most important of all, Snake II. Aside from the greatest mobile game ever, the phone also had the most impressive battery life ever seen in a mobile phone. A person could often go a whole week or more without having to charge it. Let’s not forget that you could throw the 3310 across a room, stomp on it, toss it in the garbage disposal, or run it over with your car and still use it to call your mom before dinner. Nowadays you drop your phone off of a nightstand onto a plush carpet and the screen breaks.

Don’t believe it?


What Will The Modern 3310 Look Like

Few details are known about the specs of the modern version. It’s likely to be pitched as the backup phone of all backup phones. Reports are that the European markets will be the initial focus at a price of 59 Euros. Worldwide marketing will undoubtedly come after.

The Comeback Phone

The Mobile World Congress begins February 27th. So if you’re excited by the prospect of a new Nokia 3310, you won’t have to wait long for more info. It’s unlikely that the new version will be able to replace your current smartphone. If it’s anywhere near as resilient as the old version, however, then the peace of mind it provides as a backup will be priceless. Let’s just hope it still comes with SnakeII.