Nintendo Boosting Switch Production

Contrary to its usual policy, it looks like Nintendo may be boosting production on its ultra-popular Nintendo Switch console. A major hit in the US, the console is still incredibly difficult to find even months after its release. The Japanese manufacturer had initially aimed to produce around sixteen million of the consoles before the end of the year, but reports suggest that Nintendo may add a further two million units to the queue before the holiday rush.

A Change in Direction

Increases in production of hot items are unusual for the Japanese game console developer. One needs only to look at last year’s hot item, the NES Mini, as an example of how business is usually done. Not only was the console manufactured only in small batches, but it was discontinued at the height of its popularity. Nintendo’s largely been willing to let scarcity work in its favor, as has also been seen with its other recent successful console, the Wii. Actually meeting consumer demand signals a major change in policy and the possibility that Nintendo actually intends to compete with other current-gen consoles.

Looking Forward

The increased production of the game console likely solidifies Nintendo’s faith in the portable/home console hybrid. The console giant is riding high on its recent success and a quicker production schedule likely means that an increased number of games will find their way to the console soon. While the console’s biggest hit is an in-house property, a wider user base will also be likely to bring in third-party software developers. Indeed, this push for more Switches on the market might help Nintendo regain its place in the video game market.

What the Future Holds

It’s difficult to predict what Nintendo will do next. While it does officially deny the rumors of increased production, it would make sense from a business standpoint. Should Nintendo strike while the iron is hot, it is entirely possible that the Nintendo Switch will be able to perform on the level of the Wii.

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