John Goodenough Revolutionizes the Battery, Again!

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It looks like John B. Goodenough is set to revolutionize the battery once again. The former professor at the University of Texas was the inventor of the lithium-ion battery that is widely used now. However, 94-year-old Goodenough was not content with his previous invention. What Goodenough has recently invented may pack his original lithium-ion batteries to the curb!

This new type of battery uses a glass electrolyte that is coated in lithium. The glass battery has important benefits to using it when compared to the lithium-ion standard. Glass batteries are able to charge faster than their lithium-ion counterparts. This new battery is also showing evidence that it will be able to withstand far more recharges than lithium-ion batteries.

One additional innovation of batteries with glass electrolytes is that they appear to be much safer. One major drawback with lithium-ion batteries is the short-circuiting that can occur during use. When a battery short circuits, it can cause sparks that sometimes lead to dangerous fires. Products left unattended have sparked fires that have taken down entire homes. Glass batteries will produce no spark-inducing dendrites which could mean the potential end of dangerous short circuits.

The innovations that this new type of battery could bring are astronomical to think about. Electric cars are one form of technology that could benefit from longer battery lives and shorter recharge times. Consumers would certainly flock to a longer-lasting battery. Currently, Goodenough and his team of specialists are working to release this new battery for widespread production.