“Here Earbuds” and How They Will Change the Headphone Game

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Here Earbuds have received a great deal of positive press and it is no secret why. These headphones have truly filled a void in the headphone market that consumers have been craving for a long time. Some examples of their revolutionary features include: they are wireless and are inside the ear, they allow for sound preferences with incoming text messages and phone calls, and have the power to minimize or enhance real world sounds while simultaneously listening to music. Their Kickstarter campaign exceeded the pledged goal by miles and miles. Deservedly so, the innovative foundation and the vast features make them a very exciting gadget. You can read about all of the features, the developement timeline and the company on their kickstarter page, but to give you a short overview, we summarized the basic facts of these (hopefully) awesome earbuds.

Wireless and Spectacular

Here Earbuds truly are revolutionary in the headphone industry. The first attribute that makes these headphones remarkable and practicable for consumers to use is that the headphones do not have wires. Many of the inconveniences that are associated with wearing headphones are related to the wires falling out or getting caught on exercise machines, for example.

Select Your Sound Preferences

Wireless aside, Here Earbuds are truly an innovation in that they allow the user to customize which sounds they want to hear when they are listening to music. For example, the consumer can set whether they want to hear if there is a text message. This provides the user with an opportunity to relax when they do have a smart phone and enjoy their music.

Still Possess the Features of Your Phone

Should you still want to take phone calls while using your Here Earbuds, you are absolutely able to. You will be able to set your preferences to accept phone calls or to not accept phone calls. This is a great feature that allows you to have the experience of truly enjoying your music, but still be able to take phone calls even if your headphones are wireless.

Real World Sound Minimization/Maximization

What has been lacking in the headphone industry is the power to enjoy music, but still be safe. Here Earbuds allow the user to enjoy their music and then customize the amount of real world noise that they want to hear. This can be a great benefit for safety purposes. For example, the listener can hear if there is someone behind them about to rob them or if a car is approaching them when they are riding their bike on a busy street. The so-called Digital Signal Processor (DSP) inside the Here Earbuds basically acts like a studio setup, only within your ear.  This allows you to suppress any unwanted sound signles (airplance, loud chatter, babies crying, car engines roaming, etc. pp.) or enhance sounds that you want to really feel (e.g. add bass to a live concert, add reverb to a friends voice or whatever else you think would be cool) – it is a totally personalized listening experience.


Here Earbuds are able to be pre-ordered on the Internet. For those consumers who want a headphone that is truly a cut above the rest, Here Earbuds are a worthwhile investment that truly allows the user to experience the most sophisticated and savvy headphone on the market that is customized to make the consumer’s music enjoyment safer, more efficient, and possess a higher quality of sound.