Google announces Chromecast Ultra – Streaming in 4k ULTRA HD

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Just yesterday Google officially announced the new Chromecast Ultra at the well-known Google Pixel event.

The Chromast Ultra will allow you to stream your favorite programs including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Youtube in full 4K Ultra HD quality.On top of that the new Chromecast now also support HDR content. According to Google, the new Chromecast will automatically optimize your TV for the best visual experience, even if you only have a Full HD TV.

Furthermore the new Chromecast is said to be incredibly fast and comes with a built-in Ethernet LAN port (with the old Chromecast you’d have to buy a separate LAN adapter to get a wired connection), which is absolutely awesome and gives you the option to get a full speed & rock solid streaming experience.

Check everything on Google Sales Page:

Now the real question remains: When will Google announce the Chromecast Ultron ? 😉