Get some sleep, dude? New startup Dreamlight developing the next-gen sleep mask

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Dreamlight is a fresh startup company launching its product through Indiegogo. The idea behind the Dreamlight sleep mask is to improve the quality of sleep and promote better sleep habits through the mask’s smart technology.

Unlike other sleep masks, which only work to block out light, the Dreamlight sleep mask also incorporates speakers and LED panels to control light and sound both upon sleeping and waking. An accompanying app, currently available for Android, helps to monitor your sleep quality.

The mask is heavily padded and contoured in a design meant to provide comfort and support while blocking outside light and sound. The built-in speakers can be programmed to play the ambient noise of your choice, and a carefully timed pulse of warm light before bedtime helps to trigger melatonin production and ease you more quickly into sleep. By timing your breathing with the pulses of light, you can more quickly fall asleep.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the mask is its use of light rather than sound to wake you. An alarm can be jarring and disruptive. By introducing light slowly around the time you are meant to awaken, the Dreamlight sleep mask helps you to awaken more naturally. This is especially useful for people who work shift work schedules or may otherwise struggle to time their sleep-wake cycles to natural sunlight.

The company makes a variety of additional assertions about what the product can accomplish, including claims that infrared pulses while sleeping can help to reduce the appearance of under-eye circles or that assessing a user’s 23andMe genetic profile can yield better-tailored sleep cycle recommendations. Although the science behind these claims is still being debated, the mask’s other features make it an appealing option for those looking for an over-the-ear sleep mask that incorporates both light and sound.

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