Flippin’ crazy – the new Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Samsung’s foldable phone – the Galaxy Fold

Over a decade ago, the flip phone gave way for the flat phone. Soon after, the flat phone made way for the edge-less phone. The edge-less phone offered wrap-around glass corners for a larger viewing area. Unfortunately for the flat phone–even the edge-less versions–the Samsung Galaxy Fold has arrived.

At first glance, the Galaxy Fold seems like a run-of-the-mill slimline flat phone, albeit a thick one. It is thick because closer inspection reveals it is actually folded in half. With the ease of flipping a page, the Galaxy Fold opens–literally–like a book.

The Specs – they are incredible!

The capabilities are wide-ranging and impressive. If all one could do was read the specifications, it might be unclear whether this phone is a desktop computer, a DSLR, an internet browser, or a phone. Upon actually seeing the device, it is amazingly clear that it is all of these things.

  • 4.6″ AMOLED Display on the front cover
  • 7.3″ QXGA+ AMOLED Display when completely unfolded
  • Front  Camera: Two 10 mp selfie camera + 8 megapixel 3d depth
  • Back Camera (When unfolded) 12 mp wide angle telephoto camera and even 16mp for the ultrawide angle
  • 7nm 64-bit octa core CPU
  • 12 gb RAM
  • 512 GB internal storage
  • battery: 4380mAh
  • Android 9.0 of course

Innovation? Hell, yeah!

Upon discovering the phone folds and unfolds, one might disregard it for one simple fact: no one on the entire earth wants a phone with hinges down the middle. This assumption is logical. No one wants hinges. This logic might also be warranted if it were correct.

It is not correct.

In fact, it is not correct by a long shot.

Upon unfolding the phone, one is faced with an amazingly glass-smooth, crystal-clear viewing screen, equal in size to any hi-resolution tablet.

Five amazing features

5. 5g connectivity

This phone is one of the very few to offer 5g connectivity. In short, 5g connectivity offers high-speed data transfers, yet it uses somewhat less energy to do so. Via 5g networks, companies can connect a larger number of devices, making this phone a functional hub for smart devices everywhere. Finally, 5g networks are cheaper to run and maintain, so future services can, in theory, be less expensive.

4. Size

The evolution of 5g connectivity along with a larger phone that is also compact enough to take anywhere is important in that Samsung has created a viable hub for personal smart devices, portable entertainment, and online connectivity. For instance, although current phone technology is capable of serving as a hub, most screens are too tiny to actually do so effectively. Controls are small. Fonts are small. Everything is so small. The dashboard for this phone is a perfect size.

Regarding video and gaming, although current phones offer functionality–the Fold offers an ideal experience. For instance, in terms of portability, ten inches are probably not as convenient as two inches. In terms of visibility, two inches of are not as entertaining or viable as 10. In terms of portability, seven inches work–almost. In terms of entertainment and visibility, seven inches work very well. In short, this phone combines all the best features in the best possible size.

3. Folding screen

In this phone, Samsung has established new standards. For instance, as a book, it offers full-page reading. As a portable television, it offers full-screen viewing. As a phone, it folds, and fits against one’s ear. As a hub for smart devices, it offers a dashboard capable of allowing anyone to remotely interact with one’s smart-home environment.

2. Desktop capabilities

Samsung’s flagship phone offers 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage. In doing so, it easily competes with just about any entry-level computer on the market. Considering its extra capabilities, it does not simply complete–it smokes.

The processor, for instance, is an eight-core processor. This is amazing because most entry-level desktop computers have four-core processors. For power-users, the CPU comes with a four-core 2.3GHz cpu and slightly slower 1.6GHz cpu. The standard version is powered by a four-core 2.15 GHz cpu coupled with another four-core 1.6GHz cpu. The only thing this phone does not have is a graphics card. Then again, who knows? Maybe that will be available as an upgrade.

1. DSLR capabilities

One needs to know something–a 10 megapixel (mp) camera takes photos with 3,872 x 2,592 pixels. Such resolution, of course, provides 4K photos that look great on screen–provided the screen is capable of handling such high definition. Most screens, however, are not yet capable of fully displaying 4K images.

In terms of photography, the true innovation in this phone camera is that the photos it takes are print-ready files that will look great as oversize prints. Yes–with this 10 mp camera, someone can produce print-quality photos at 7 x 11 inches. The companion 12 mp camera is even more capable.

For instance, using the 12 mp camera, a photographer can snap images at a resolution of 4,200 x 2,800 pixels, enough resolution to print 16-inch x 24-inch images. A 16-inch x 24-inch print is the same size as that of a mid-size art print. That is correct–this phone is capable of photographing and printing art-size images.

One final thought

As a side note, Samsung might have just killed the tablet industry. Just go to Youtube and you will find several awesome hands-on videos: