Classy Classi! Make any watch smarter?

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Are you a fan of classic watches, but you still want to geek out at the same time? Until now there wasn’t much you could do about it, but behold…

MainTool, a French based company, has started an IndieGoGo campaign for a strap that can turn any classic watch into a smartwatch. Sounds pretty rad, right?

How does it work?

The so called “Classi Strap” is a fairly straightforward concept, as it integrates the best features of wearable technology into a  leather strap that sticks to a very classy and traditional look. It does not have a screen, but syncs smartly to your phone via a dedicated app.


  • Discreet notifcations via vibration (WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Mails et. al.)
  • Navigation mode that is synced with Google Maps (a small vibration will tell you which way to turn)
  • Phone call rejection by pressing a small hidden button inside the strap.
  • Alarm Notifications (set your alarm and get notified by a vibration)
  • Phone Loss prevention. Classi will vibrate strongly if you are forgetting your phone somewhere – really cool!
  • Biometric Tracking
  • 7 days of battery life
  • 14 days of data storage
  • Waterproof (IP64)

Prices & Colors

Early birds will get one Classi  strap for 99$ – 119$ USD – the sizes will range from 18mm to 22mm and you can select either a classic black or a brown version. If you really wanna go all the way, you can opt for a handmade aligator strap, which will run you a few bucks more. After the initial campaign, the retail price will be set at 149$ USD.

Overall, we think that the price seems reasonable for what you are getting, as Classi seems like a perfect fit for avid watch enthusiasts that want to integrate the current trend of wearable technology with a traditional look.

The IndieGoGo campaign looks fairly promising so far and we are waiting for more infos. The release date is set to be around December 2016.

You can find out a lot more on their IndieGoGo page or on Youtube: