Bose Introduces Sunglasses With Speakers: BOSE Frames

Bose Introduces Sunglasses With Speakers: BOSE Frames 1Bose, the iconic headphones and speakers company, has a new product: BOSE Frames. These ingenious devices look and function like ordinary sunglasses, but they have tiny speakers hidden in the temples that play music. The sunglasses have a unique retro look that was originally popularized by musicians and disc jockeys, and this fits with the musical theme of this wearable device.

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Notable features

The BOSE frames* have a patented acoustic chamber feature, which allows the wearer to listen to music without people near them hearing it. They also are excellent at protecting against bright light, and Bose emphasizes that they are designed for “sight and sound.”

An open-ear design allows users to do anything they would do wearing conventional sunglasses while listening to music; there are no awkward or obtrusive speakers hanging off these wearables. These sunglasses are for people who are truly connected; an on/off button allows the user to accept or reject phone calls, play music, access Siri and more. Miniaturized speakers in the temples direct sound towareds the wearer and no one else.

The sunglasses use a Bluetooth connection to bring music and sound to the speakers. They can keep track of up to eight Bluetooth signals in their memory, and default to the signal most recently used unless directed otherwise. Because they connect with Bluetooth, users can access any app that is on their mobile device including music streaming services like Spotify, navigation apps such as Waze as well as any number of gaming, fitness or travel apps.

Typically, the battery will last through three and a half hours of headphone use before needing to be recharged. Bose offers both a quick start guide and a more comprehensive manual for users.

Design and styling

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The stainless steel hinges on the sunglasses are sturdy and finished in gold for an elegant impression, and tinted lens keeps out 99 percent of UVA rays and are designed to be difficult to scratch or scatter because these wearables are meant for people with active lifestyles. Furthermore, the nylon rims are lightweight and mildly transparent.


These sunglasses allow the user to listen to music with no one else knowing that they are, so say goodbye to boring conversations and interactions! Wearing them gives a feeling of being connected to music, friends and information while being fully able to interact with the world and leads to a sense of empowerment and fun.

A single app

Owners of these wearables use a single app from Bose to access the product’s many features. From their phones, users can get tips, unlock features and customize with ease. What’s more, via a free download, users can access Bose AR, the definitive augmented reality experience. Sunglasses are currently enabled for Bose AR, and the feature will be unlocked soon.

Consumer reviews

This is a new and revolutionary product, and consumer reviews have been largely enthusiastic. Users comment on how well they work and how easy they are to use.

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