Beeline – The Smart Compass for Your Bike

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Many bikers are highly involved with GPS systems because they provide them with turn-by-turn instructions. However, GPS systems have some disadvantages. For one, the driver never has freedom because the GPS system gives strict and precise directions. Additionally, GPS systems have been known to get a little snooty when the driver deviates from the path it demands.
Beeline is a whole new kind of directional tool that provides consumers with the freedom to enjoy their journeys any way they please. It is an advanced directional system for bike riders, and it revolutionizes the way they take their trips.

So? What exactly is Beeline?

The Beeline unit is a navigational system for bikers. It provides an alternative to common GPS systems because it doesn’t provide voice instructions and turn-by-turn instructions. The system fits nicely in the handlebar section of a bicycle and display the necessary information on the screen. The item comes in three attractive colors, which are Charcoal Grey, Hot Coal Red and Petrol Blue.

How Does Beeline Work?

Beeline works just like a GPS system in that it picks up signals. It has global coverage and it has an app that comes with it. Users let the system know their destination in the same manner that they would let a GPS system know. The difference is mostly in the way that the Beeline provides instructions. Instead of offering a speaking instructor, Beeline’s display system works like a compass. It tells the rider the number of miles that he or she has to go, and it points in the appropriate direction. The bike rider can have loads of fun peddling until he or she reaches the appropriate destination.

What Are the Benefits of Using Beeline?

The Beeline system has a ton of benefits to it. One of the main benefits of this system is that it gives the bike rider freedom to take the journey the way he or she wants to. Bike riders can deviate a little bit from the instructions and go on a personalized journey without being penalized. They will know if they are deviating too much because the Beeline will tell the number of miles that are still left on the trip to the destination.

Features That the Beeline Offers

One benefit that this system has is that it has a long-lasting battery life. Customers can get 30 hours of battery life from this device. Secondly, the device is water and shock resistant, so its users do not have to worry about any bumps on the road or rides in the rain. A free app is available for controlling device operations, as well. Consumers can download it to their iPhone or Android device and then use it for their journeys. Other features that the device has are features such as Bluetooth, Speedo mode, clock mode, interchangeable strap, and direct and waypoint navigation.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers are absolutely in love with the Beeline system. The system has an average rating of five stars from people who have used it to take their journeys. They left glowing reviews because of the system’s snazzy design, simplicity and fun aspect.

Beeline Pricing

Consumers can buy a Beeline device for an average of $119. For that price, consumers get to take advantage of a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty as well as free international shipping. The warranty covers any problems in its functionality that it was not designed to have. Warranties may allow for item replacement or repair.

How to Get a Beeline System for Your Bike

Getting a Beeline system is very easy. Just go to their website and grab one!

The company will ship the item out immediately, and the consumer can enjoy all that it has to offer.

Make a Beeline for Your Wallet

Make a beeline for your wallet and see what it truly means to be free on the road. Every trip that you take can be like a personal journey for you. Many people love this system because of the freedom it gives them. Even if you are not interested in it, you could turn it into an excellent gift for a birthday or holiday present for a friend, family member or acquaintance.

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