Agent S.G.N.L – Are you ready?

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There is a new gadget on the horizon that will make you feel like James Bond – the name? SGNL. Agent SGNL.

Sgnl  is currently being developed by a small startup called Innomdle Lab. It is their very first project and they are looking for a 50.000$ funding on their Kickstarter, but have already exceeded that number by a huge margin. Currently they are standing at almost 850.000$ USD with almost 5000 backers.

But let’s get into the details.

What is SGNL?

SGNL is a smart strap that allows you to make & take phone calls with your finger. What, with your finger? How is that possible? Believe us, we asked ourselves the same questions. The idea behind it is actually pretty cool.

The Sgnl strap receives the voice signal from your smart phone via Bluetooth. Subsequently the audio is then transmitted to your ear through vibrations (so-called Body Conduction Unit (BCU)). These vibration are then transmitting the audio directly through your wrist right up to your fingertip. So, once you place the finger to your ear, you will he an amplified version of the audio signal.

Pretty awesome, right? But that’s not all.

Sgnl is supposed to work as a universal watch strap – so you can use it with both digital and analog watches. So you can easily transform your classic watch into a smart hybrid. Having said that, you don’t need to pair it with a watch, it also work as a stand-alone.

Overall we think its a pretty cool gadget and we are very excited to see how it turns out. The basic units are set to sell at 139$ USD.