A Breath of Fresh Air: A Deeper Look at the Latest Mac Tech

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If you’re in the market for a new computer, the options these days are virtually endless. The different specifications of each will determine the device’s overall effectiveness for your technological needs. Mac computers, whether in their desktop form as a Mac Mini or Mac Pro or in the many various types of laptops, are held in high regard by designers, software engineers, advertising agencies, video editors and producers, publishing firms, and education administrative- just to name a few.

There are, of course, many differences in each Mac device you’ll purchase, so it is imperative to research the specifics to have a good understanding of which computer will offer the details you need. Whether it will be used for design or intricate editing purposes, there is no denying Mac’s advanced technological capacities. And, Apple, with their devotion to providing the latest tech, has just released the new Macbook Air, an innovative device, even in this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry.


Why Macbook Air

Many of the products offered by Apple Mac offer outstanding performance and integrative technologies. The Macbook Air has a sleek, elegant design which is incredibly lightweight compared to its predecessors (Macbook Air weighs on 2.75lbs, while the older gens (with and without the touch bar) come in at 3.02lbs- with the exception of the original Macbook, which weighs only 2.03lbs.

Though it is much lighter and definitely more aesthetically pleasing, it’s thin design holds a surprising amount of powerful updates.



The Macbook Air is equipped with a 13.3-inch screen and delivers a resolution of 2560 x 1600. When your needs revolve around quality design applications, the Intel UHD Graphics 617 found in the Macbook Air will catapult your ability to create stunning images and videos. This iteration of the Macbook comes with 48% more colors than ever before. The display, itself, also stretches right to the edges, so you can focus on what matters.



With an 8th gen processor, a 3rd gen butterfly keyboard, touch ID, and 720p FaceTime HD camera, the Macbook Air comes ready to be put to work! Added security measures are initiated by the Apple T2 security chip, which also introduces Macbook users to a familiar friend- Siri! You can now use Siri to open apps, find documents, and play music (among many other things)!



Coming at a cool $1,199, this is by far the most affordable Macbook on the market today. The original Macbook and the Macbook Pro (with no touch bar) hover at $1,299, while the Macbook Pro (with touch bar) comes in a bit steeper at $1,799.


More Fun Features:

  • The 3rd generation butterfly keyboard comes with LED back-lit keys and an ambient light sensor which helps when you find yourself working in the dark or low-light environments. The force touch touchpad is 20% bigger and also comes with ingenious integrations based on pressure sensors.


  • Not to be overlooked, this incredible lightweight device comes with a 12-hour battery life, which is a step-up from the other Macbook iterations (all having only a 10-hour battery life). With up to 16GB of memory and up to 1.5TB of storage, Macbook Air users will find a drastic increase in the performance quality when compared to previous Macbooks.


  • The Macbook Air doesn’t stop there, though! Included in this latest device is a cutting-edge universal USB-C port. There are two Thunderbolt 3 USB ports in the Macbook Air, both providing twice the bandwidth of the Thunderbolt 2. Thunderbolt 3 combines charging abilities, video output, and data transfer- add this to the USB-C integration, and you’ll take note the speed and convenience are unmatched by any other port.


  • 2x more bass means twice the quality in audio projects! An array of three microphones recognize your voice much more accurately. With 25% more volume and HD FaceTime camera, you’ll never miss a beat during conference calls or virtual get-togethers with friends and family.


  • One of the most incredible features of the new Macbook Air is the fact it is made completely out of 100% recycled aluminum! In the age of ‘going green’, Apple’s newest product produces 47% lower carbon emissions than any other version of its kind. The 6000 series aluminum used to build the mini-beauties is noted for its durability and strength.

The awesome Dave Lee did a really well-done video on the Macbook Air, you should go and check it out for some visuals and more in-depth tech talk:

Mac Tech for You

Before purchasing anything, especially expensive electronics, you’ll want to be sure you’ve done your research and truly understand your needs and what if offered by any given device. The Macbook Air’s comprehensive and integrative software makes it a versatile laptop. The small size of this device does not reflect it’s power, though. With the Macbook Air in your arsenal, you’ll be prepared to succeed in nearly any field.

Research, review, and rely on what you know. Choosing the right computer can be overwhelming, but if you educate yourself, you’ll be able to clearly see all the advantages each has to offer. Consumers the world over are still flocking to Macs, as they unequivocally reign supreme when compared to design performance on PCs. Any designers or programmer worth their salt will own at least one version of a Mac. And, without a doubt, the Macbook Air is setting a new standard in that area.

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