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While there are a few terrific smartwatches on the consumer market today, it’s impossible to deny that Apple lead the way by developing the first versions. Without Apple, it’s likely that we wouldn’t even have smartwatches, at least for several more years. It took the company’s vision to make this come true.  So it’s not particularly surprising that the Apple Watch Sport stands out as one of the best smartwatches available.

We put the Apple smartwatch through several tests. Sure, we wanted to see how it would perform, but we also had a lot of fun playing with it. We’re happy to report that the watch kept up with us at every turn.

Top Features

Apple is leading the way with this smartwatch. It comes with 8 GB of memory, so you should have plenty of space to store your favorite apps. Its 42mm display is also a good compromise. If it were bigger, the device would feel clunky. If it were smaller, we couldn’t read incoming notifications easily.

The watch also has a rugged design that still manages to look quite attractive. As you would expect from a device with the word Sport in its name, this is a watch that you can take out into the world with you. Using it to track your athletic performance as well as receive covert text messages during work meetings. Since you can choose from a variety of bands, this watch can fit into any situation. The Sport version comes standard with a comfortable plastic band that you’ll want to use while working out. If you want a classic leather band, though, there are options available.

What’s Unique About Apple Watch Sport

Apple is clearly working toward an independent smartwatch that doesn’t need a phone to function. While that’s several years away, you can see a couple features in this version of the Watch Sport that point in that direction. For instance, you can make and receive phone calls with this watch. That’s something you won’t find in most smartwatches. Yes, you need to have your phone nearby for it to work, but you can do it. That’s a thrilling improvement that has us excited about the future.

Apple Watch Sport Price

The Apple Watch Sport retails for about $400. During our research, though, we found it on sale for closer to $350. It’s hard to say whether these sales will last. If you happen to find the Sport on sale at $350 or lower, we think you should buy it. That’s a great deal that you don’t want to miss.

Potential Drawbacks

There is a whole segment of the population that is determined to feel disappointed by smartwatches. They don’t seem to want these devices until they are fully independent (meaning that they don’t need to connect to smartphones to work well).

That’s unfortunate for them because there is very little chance that technology companies will be able to build such a small communication device within the next several years. We like to think that it will happen one day. Realistically, though, we’re not holding out.

If you are one of these people, then don’t worry about the Apple Watch Sport. Don’t worry about any smartwatches. They aren’t for you, and that’s okay.

If you are someone who is legitimately interested in smartwatches, then you will want to know about a couple of minor problems that potentially hold this Apple device back.

First off, there’s the price. We’re not saying the watch isn’t worth $400, but that’s a steep price for a lot of people. There are some cheaper watches out there that you may want to explore. It’s unlikely that smartwatch prices are going to fall anytime soon (especially within the Apple brand, which tends to run a little more expensive than others). If this is out of your price range, you should probably start looking elsewhere.

Secondly, we find it a little annoying that Apple doesn’t include some essential apps on this watch. It works well as an activity and sleep tracker, yet the company doesn’t preload a sleep app. This is a minor problem because you can always download the apps from iTunes. It just doesn’t make much sense to us.


If you’re ready to get into the smartwatch revolution, this is a great place to start. It’s not inexpensive, but it is one of the best options on the market. As long as you can afford the price, we recommend bring the Apple Watch Sport into your life.

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