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We believe that parenthood is largely a balancing act. You need to give your children enough freedom to explore the world and gain confidence. Then again, you need to keep watch over them so they can stay away from potentially dangerous situations.

That’s why we think devices like the KidGPS tracker is so useful. It gives you the power to watch over your kids without looking overprotective.

Top Features

The Kids GPS Tracker comes with a lot of great features that will help you keep your family safe. The on-demand location feature is something that all parents can appreciate. As long as your child carries the GPS device, you can see where he or she is. All you have to do is open the KidGPS app on your phone. You’ll immediately get a map that shows you exactly where your child is.

You can share this information with certain adults who might also need to know where your children are. This is a great feature that a lot of child trackers forget. Thanks to this feature, you can give access to grandparents, babysitters, and other trusted adults in your child’s life.

We also like that the KidGPS has a panic alert button. If your child gets into a scary situation, he or she only needs to press a button to alert you. This not only tells you that something is happening, but immediately shows you the child’s current location.

What’s Unique About KidGPS Tracker

This GPS tracker for kids stands out to us because it will send you push notifications when your child crosses certain boundaries. If your kid walks home from school, for instance, you may want to create boundaries just outside of the school and near your home. That way, you get notifications when your children pass this important locations.

This impresses us because it gives parents peace of mind. It’s scary to know that your children are out in the world without you. With push notifications, you can relax once you know your kids reach a safe place, like home.

We also think this is useful because it could potentially help the police locate your child, even if he or she doesn’t have the GPS locator. We don’t really want to bring this up, but it’s impossible to avoid. One of the reasons that parents buy these GPS trackers is because they’re afraid someone will abduct their children. If the unthinkable happens, you can tell the police approximately where your child was at the time. That could be enough information for them to track down the person who took your child.

KidGPS Tracker Price

The KidGPS Tracker retails at about $100. During our research, though, we found that it was often possible to buy the device at a lower price. The best price we found was about $85. If you’re interested in a GPS tracker, you should take advantage of any offer under $90. You never know when those sales will end.

Potential Drawbacks

KidGPS works well, so there isn’t much of a chance that buyers will find problems with the device. The subscription plan, however, is something to think about. When you buy this GPS tracker, you’re committing yourself to, at minimum, $6 per month to use the service. If you pay month to month, you’ll spend about $10 per month, or $120 per year.

For many people, that’s not a small amount of money. It’s important to consider the subscription costs before you buy a KidGPS. Just because the upfront cost of the device is affordable, doesn’t necessarily mean that the service is.

Of course, many people will find that this extra payment is worth keeping a careful eye on their children. That’s not the point, though. The point is that some people may legitimately find it unaffordable. Unfortunately for those people, there aren’t many options that they’ll find more affordable than this.


When it comes to tracking where your children go, we don’t know of a device that’s more effective than the KidGPS. Its features make it a powerful tool for keeping children safe.

If your kids are trying to find more freedom in their lives, it’s worth taking a close look at this GPS tracker. Just because they want to explore the world, doesn’t mean they have to do it completely alone. Using a GPS tracker like this is a good compromise. You can feel good about letting your children develop more independent. You can also feel good knowing that they are safe no matter where they go.

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