LeapFrog has been making innovative entertainment for children since 1994. It gained a lot of attention by building kid-friendly versions of adult devices. It’s not too surprising, therefore, that the company now makes an activity tracker specifically designed for children.

Before you question whether kids need to wear fitness trackers, stop to consider that childhood obesity is becoming a bigger problem by the day. Wearing a LeapFrog LeapBand won’t automatically ensure that your kids get enough exercise to lead healthy lives, but it certainly increases the changes that they will. It can also help get your kids used to the idea that health and fitness are things worth paying attention to. Even if they don’t care about it now, helping them develop healthy habits could teach them to make better decisions when they’re adults.

Top Features

LeapFrog built a lot of good features into the LeapBand. It’s an extremely durable piece of technology, which is good because kids aren’t particularly good at caring for devices.

It also gives parents a lot of control over activities. Parents, for instance, can set play times, durations, and challenges. Ultimately, that makes it a more useful product that will appeal to parents and kids.

What’s Unique About LeapFrog LeapBand

The thing we like most about the LeapFrog LeapBand is how it encourages kids to get active. This isn’t like the kind of activity tracker that an adult would use. It’s not all about carefully plotting performance. Instead, it’s about making exercise fun so kids will enjoy doing it.

It accomplishes this in several ways. You can, for instance, download up to 50 challenges that will get your kids moving. The downloads tell them to “wiggle like a worm,” “pounce like a lion,” and other fun activities that they will have blast doing.

Of course, kids don’t always have the best attention spans. The LeapBand gives them incentives so they will keep exercising. It’s nice that the activity tracker rewards them for completing activities. What we really love, though, is that the rewards continue encouraging them. Let’s say your kid is rewarded with a pet unicorn. By keeping up with their exercises, they can customize the pet to make it more unique. It’s the most useful virtual pet we’ve ever seen.

LeapFrog LeapBand Price

Kids are rough on their toys, so no one wants to spend a lot of money on an activity tracker designed for children. LeapFrog made a smart move by designing an activity tracker that was inexpensive as well as durable.

The LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker retails for about $40. During our research, though, we found that it’s possible to buy one for about half that price. The good deals, however, come and go quickly, so you can’t wait around. If you find one on sale for $20 or under, you should jump at the chance to buy it. Yes, that was a pun. No, it wasn’t a very good one. We’re tech geeks, not poets.

Potential Drawbacks

The LeapBand stands out as one of the most innovative activity trackers for kids. There are, however, a couple of potential drawbacks that you should know about before investing your money.

The biggest drawback is that the band can get loose during aggressive activity. It holds on well for the most part, but as kids really get amped up, it can start to slip around. Eventually, it could fall off. That’s not a huge deal, but you should know that you (or your child) will need to readjust the strap during play. This is a little disappointing since increased activity is the whole point of wearing a LeapBand.

Some people also complain that the LeapBand doesn’t offer as much educational engagement as other LeapFrog products. To some extent that’s true, although it does teach them things about telling time, counting, and a few other rudimentary skills. We’ve decided, though, that this criticism misses the point. Learning to enjoy exercise is, in itself, a worthwhile thing for children to learn. Learning isn’t always about developing skills that kids can immediately show off. Some times it’s about learning behaviors that will benefit them throughout their lives.


As more and more companies start making fitness trackers for kids, we plan to keep our eyes open for new devices. At the moment, though, the LeapFrog LeapBand is clearly one of the best options for kids between four and seven. Even if you’re not concerned about helping your kids get more active, it’s still a fun device that will keep them entertained.

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