Lockdown #1: The Best Wireless Home Security Camera Systems

Lockdown #1: The Best Wireless Home Security Camera Systems 1If your idea of home security consists of a sturdy door, some window bars, and your Doberman Pinscher, it’s time that you reassess your security needs for the 21st century. Today’s families are busier than ever, but so are modern-day crooks. While you and your family are away from home for the greater part of the day, thieves figure out how to by-pass archaic security measures and steal everything from Amazon packages on your front porch to your prized Doberman inside.

Installing a wireless home security system is one way to keep your family safe and protect your property. Learn more about how wireless home security systems work, the benefits of these high-tech home monitoring solutions, and the best wireless home security systems on the market.

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What is a Wireless Home Security Camera System?

A wireless home security camera system is one that has all the functional benefits of robust surveillance cameras but without the wires that usually come with those systems. Before manufacturers introduced wireless camera systems to the market, business operators and homeowners were hamstrung by low-quality cameras that were connected by a bunch of cords, wires, and cables. Businesses that had in-house tech support found clever ways to organize and hide security camera wires, but homeowners had fewer options. Wireless home security connects window and door sensors, motion detectors, smart thermostats, and cameras to a central hub via radio frequencies or your home’s Wi-Fi network.

How Does a Wireless Home Security Camera System Work?

High-definition cameras are at the heart of every wireless home security solution. A wireless security camera* transmits video or image data to a receiver that’s connected to a local storage device or virtual storage. In years past, there was a clear distinction between the functions of security cameras and those of video surveillance cameras. As you look at the capabilities of today’s wireless home security cameras, you’ll find that the line between cameras and video surveillance equipment has blurred significantly.

Home security cameras are usually integrated into a system of motion detectors and alarms. Once a sensor is triggered, the camera turns on so that homeowners can assess the situation by looking at a still image or a short video clip. They can either shut off their security system’s alarm or let it sound to warn off intruders. The best wireless home security cameras are ones that you can connect to professional monitoring services that dispatch law enforcement agents, firefighters, or medical emergency people to your home as needed. People use surveillance cameras to capture and record video that can be stored and retrieved. Video surveillance recordings were usually longer in length than the clips that standard home security cameras captured.

Advancements in security camera optics and the introduction of flexible, robust cloud storage options give wireless home security cameras a serious upgrade. When you choose wireless home security camera systems from a home security company, you’ll often get a pre-specified amount of free cloud storage. You can set up parts of your home for video surveillance by using easy-to-install wireless home security cameras. You can also control when and under what conditions your security cameras start recording video.

6 Reasons to Invest in a Wireless Home Security Camera System

While installing wired home security cameras is an option, upgrading to wireless security cameras for home use brings many benefits. Whether you need reliable video monitoring inside your home or require outdoor surveillance, wireless indoor cameras and wireless outdoor home security cameras deliver effective, convenient, home monitoring solutions at affordable prices.

#1 Quick and Easy Installation

You no longer need to be an electrician, carpenter, and IT specialist to install home security cameras. A careful assessment of your security monitoring needs will let you know the number of home wireless security cameras that you’ll need for your space. You can buy a wireless home security camera package online that comes with several wireless cameras, a controller base unit, mounting hardware, and monitoring software. After connecting the system’s base unit to your internet router, it’s simple to sync the security cameras to the base unit. The best wireless home security cameras are designed to sit on flat surfaces, and they usually come with pieces of mounting hardware that allow you to install them nearly anywhere. Some of the best wireless home security camera systems take only minutes to install.

#2 Portability

After getting your wired home security cameras professionally installed, your boss offers you a promotion to take a new position out of state. While you’re thrilled that your company has confidence in your abilities, you regret wiring up your home for comprehensive surveillance. If you had chosen one of the many DIY wireless home security systems on the market, you could start packing without any remorse.

#3 Less Expensive Than Wired Systems

To install wired home security cameras, you’ll need to run wires and likely drill holes in your walls. Since making mistakes while doing these activities can lead to injuries, lost aesthetics, and property damage, most people rely on professional technicians to install wired home security cameras. You can install a DIY wireless home security system without paying an electrician’s costly per-hour fees.

When you break down the costs, you’ll find that installation labor accounts for about half of the price tag for a new home security system. If you want to add cameras or move them to accommodate a room addition, you’ll pay extra fees to have a professional installer do the work for a wired system. DIY wireless home security systems allow you to save money on installation labor. They also let you scale your home’s security system based on your budget. Many DIY wireless home security systems come with cheap wireless security cameras for your home that can be moved anywhere or combined with more cameras to form a complete home monitoring system.

#4 Less Vulnerable to Burglars

Experienced thieves do their homework before executing robberies and home invasions. When they see your home’s security sign in the window or in the yard, they immediately look for wires to disable. Most wired security systems need your home’s phone line to work properly. A thief would simply cut your phone line and enter your home undetected. Outdoor security cameras are even more susceptible to tampering. However, wireless outdoor home security cameras draw less attention than their wired counterparts and are harder to disable.

#5 Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Besides delivering scheduled video recordings and motion detection, wireless security cameras for home use offer property owners remote viewing capabilities. If you install home wireless security cameras, you can access camera images or video footage through an internet-connected desktop, laptop, or tablet. Many home security companies also have mobile applications that allow you to view camera footage through your smartphone. They are also a perfect addition to smart door locks.

#6 Smart Home Friendly

Homes across America are undergoing digital upgrades that allow them to better keep up with their 21st century inhabitants. If you want to integrate the latest home automation features into your residence, you’ll want a smart home security system that includes a wireless home security camera. Some of the best wireless home security camera packages on the market are compatible with devices such as smart home security alarms, thermostats, lighting, appliances, and entertainment systems.

Best Wireless Home Security Camera Packages on the Market

The Arlo Pro Security Camera

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Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren | Rechargeable,...

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The Arlo Pro has carved out a reputation for itself as one of the best wireless security cameras system for home use. The waterproof camera is great for indoor and outdoor use, and it can be used as part of a comprehensive security system or just to monitor the happenings around your home. The Arlo Pro security system with siren allows you to send over 100 decibels of sound from your system manually or by triggered motion detectors.

Arlo Pro Camera Specifications

Arlo Pro smart home wireless security cameras record video in full color, and they feature 720p high-definition resolution. The camera has motion detection sensors that trigger email alerts and push notifications. The Arlo Pro security system comes with a camera and a base station that has a line-of-sight wireless range of over 300 feet.

Arlo Pro Camera Technical Details

Netgear’s Arlo Pro gets rave reviews from property owners who are in search of home security systems wireless. Highlights of this security camera’s technical features include waterproof hardware, rechargeable batteries with an Arlo Pro battery charger, and compatibility with smart home devices.

How Long Do Arlo Pro Batteries Last

Arlo home security systems and wireless cameras are designed to be installed completely wire-free. Batteries are critical components for these systems, and Arlo Pro security system cameras come with rechargeable batteries for cost-effective video monitoring. How long do Arlo Pro batteries last? While Arlo Pro battery life depends on your usage, the manufacturer says that your batteries should last between four and six months with normal usage.

Arlo Pro Camera Set Up

The best wireless home security system cameras are easy to set up, and the Arlo Pro security camera fits the bill. You’ll need to download the Arlo application to your smartphone to begin. The software will prompt you with step-by-step instructions to connect your base station hub into your home’s Wi-Fi router, create a Netgear account, and sync your Arlo Pro cameras with your base station. The entire process takes about 10 minutes.
Cloud StorageArlo Pro home security cameras for wireless systems use cloud storage for recording image and video data. According to Netgear, the average user records about five minute’s worth of video each day on his or her Arlo Pro. The camera comes with a free cloud storage service that allows you to store seven days’ worth of video footage in the cloud.

Using the Arlo Pro App

The Arlo Pro app is free, user friendly, and compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Once you’ve downloaded the software, the app helps you to install your cameras. When firmware updates are available for the Arlo Pro, you can update your cameras and base station from within the mobile app. Using the app, you can also see live views, record video manually, and adjust your camera’s settings.

Integrating the Arlo Pro Camera with Alexa

All Arlo cameras connect to Alexa via the Arlo Alexa skill. To activate the Arlo Alexa skill, ask Alexa to enable the Arlo skill. You can also open your Alexa account and enable the Arlo skill manually.

What’s Included in the Arlo Pro Package

The basic Arlo Pro package comes with a camera, rechargeable battery, a base station with integrated siren, an Arlo Pro battery charger cable, camera power cable, an ethernet cable, wall mount hardware, wall mount tools, outdoor mount hardware, and a user installation guide. The camera has a built-in USB port for optional local storage. In addition to the Arlo Pro battery power cord, Netgear has a charging station that you can purchase separately.

Arlo Pro Cost

The base-level Arlo Pro smart security system that comes with one camera can be purchased for under 300 USD. But you can easily check the prices and reviews for the ARLO Pro on Amazon.com:

The Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera

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Arlo Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren |...

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When searching for the best wireless home security system cameras, you’ll want to check out the specifications and features of Netgear’s Arlo Pro 2 camera. These home security cameras for wireless surveillance systems can be mixed and matched with existing Arlo Pro cameras to achieve an upgraded, cost-effective home security system.

Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera Specifications

The Arlo Pro 2’s technical specifications rival some of the best wireless home security camera system set-ups on the market. This camera captures full-color footage in 1080p high-definition video quality and has a 130-degree field of view. The Arlo Pro 2’s rechargeable batteries last for four to six months with normal use. While Netgear designed the Arlo Pro 2 for completely wireless use, it includes accessories that allow you to plug the device into an interior outlet to save your batteries and access more of the camera’s features. For instance, plugged-in motion detection allows you to see video up to three seconds before the camera records a motion-triggered event.

Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera Technical Details

Arlo Pro 2 Amazon reviews highlight the camera’s technical benefits best. Features of the Arlo Pro 2 that happy customers love include the camera’s two-way audio function, pristine picture quality, and easy installation. Like its predecessor, the Arlo Pro 2 is ready to perform indoors and outdoors, and it’s equipped with night vision.

Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera Set Up

Setting up the Arlo Pro 2 security camera is simple with Netgear’s Arlo mobile app. The application walks you through plugging up the system’s base station to your router, syncing your cameras, and viewing live video right from your phone. Set up instructions for the Arlo Pro 2 camera are like those for the Arlo Pro, and it’ll take you about 10 minutes to complete.

Cloud Storage

According to one Arlo Pro 2 Amazon review, it’s easy to program your Arlo Pro 2 cameras to automatically turn on when you leave your home by activating the camera’s motion detection and geofencing features. This benefit is further enhanced by the camera’s ability to store recordings in the cloud. When the Arlo Pro 2 camera is plugged into an interior outlet, you can capture and store continuous video recording in the cloud.

What’s Included in the Arlo Pro 2 Camera Package

Your Arlo Pro 2 camera package includes a base station, a weatherproof camera, an ethernet cable, a power cord, a battery charging cable, rechargeable batteries, mounting hardware and tools, and a quick-start guide. You’ll also find the free Arlo mobile app at Apple and Google Play stores.

Arlo Pro 2 Cost

When doing an Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2 comparison, you’ll notice that the Arlo Pro 2 is comparable in price to its predecessor. The base-level Arlo Pro 2 system that includes one camera costs $249.99. Depending on your unique needs, the Arlo 2 may be the best wireless home security camera system in terms of value and features.

Arlo Pro Vs Arlo Pro 2 Comparison

According to several Arlo Pro 2 reviews, users notice the difference in the video quality of the Arlo Pro vs Pro 2. The Arlo Pro 2 features 1080p high-definition video capture; the Arlo Pro has 720p video capture. Arlo Pro 2 reviews by customers also highlight the camera’s improved sound detection over the Arlo Pro model.

While Arlo Pro smart home wireless security cameras come with seven days of cloud video storage, you can upgrade Arlo Pro 2 security cameras to accommodate continuous video recording. A comparison of the Arlo Pro vs Pro 2 shows consumers how easy it is to expand their Arlo security camera systems with upgraded Pro 2 cameras when needed.

Budget Option: The Ring Stick Up Cam Amazon (Battery Powered)

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All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera with two-way talk,...

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Many consumers consider the Ring Stick Up Cam to be the best wireless home security unit for the money. This camera is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and has excellent picture quality during the day or night. It’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Ring Stick Up Camera Specifications

The Ring Stick Up Cam competes with some of the best wireless home security systems on the market. The portable camera features 1080p high-definition video quality and a 115-degree viewing zone. It connects to your home’s Wi-Fi directly at 2.4GHz. The Ring Stick Up Cam battery is rechargeable and comes in a convenient lithium-ion battery pack. The Ring Stick Up Cam battery life is one of the longest on the market. This camera has motion detectors and pushes motion detection alerts via email.

Ring Stick Up Camera Technical Details

The Ring Stick Up Cam has an IPX5 waterproof rating that allows the camera to withstand all types of outdoor weather conditions. It comes with a built-in mounting system that lets you install the camera on a flat surface or on a wall or ceiling. With the Ring Stick Up Cam’s built-in speaker and microphone, you can see, hear, and speak to anyone near the camera through your smartphone. The Ring Stick Up Cam integrates easily with other Ring devices.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Life

The Ring Stick Up Cam battery lasts between six months and a year with normal use. This camera is designed to integrate with solar panels to offer sustainable battery charges throughout its life. According to third-party publications such as PC Mag, the Ring Stick Up Cam battery earns the camera high marks as one of the best wireless home security units available.

Ring Stick Up Camera Set Up

The battery-powered Ring Stick Up Cam is one of the easiest security cameras to install. You’ll begin installation by downloading the free mobile app and creating an account. After fully charging the camera’s battery, you’ll select the device from the mobile app choices on your phone. Follow the prompts to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. After making some settings adjustments, you can view live video on demand from your phone. Installation takes about five minutes.

Using the Ring Stick Up Cam App

The Ring Stick Up Cam is controlled by the same Ring App that directs operations for other Ring devices. You can download the Apple or Android versions of the Ring mobile app for free at the Apple or Google Play store.

What’s Included in the Ring Stick Up Cam Package

The Ring Stick Up Cam package includes a camera with a built-in mount, a rechargeable battery pack, a Micro USB charging cable, a base cover, a base pad, and installation tools and hardware.

Ring Stick Up Cam Amazon Cost

When shopping for cheap wireless security cameras for your home, the Ring Stick Up camera is one to investigate. This feature-rich security camera costs just under $100 on Amazon.

Wireless Security Cameras System for Home: Ring Stick Up Cam Vs Arlo

While the Ring Stick Up Cam has similar features and performance capabilities as the Arlo cameras, the Ring Stick Up Cam doesn’t require a base station to work. The Ring Stick Up Cam battery also has a longer life than the Arlo cameras’ batteries. When evaluating the Ring Stick Up Cam vs Arlo cameras, it’s important to note that Amazon lists the Ring Stick Up Cam at a price that’s less than both the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 cameras by over 50 percent.


Updating your home’s security is something that you owe to yourself and your family. Today’s home security offerings cater to a variety of homeowners and household budgets. You can install a budget-friendly DIY wireless home security system, or you can splurge on a comprehensive wireless home security system that’s installed and monitored by a company. Either way, wireless home security systems deliver peace of mind, which is a luxury that should be affordable to everyone. You can also check Youtube, for in-depth video reviews of the products we mentioned. If you already decided, head over to Amazon.com and buy the one you like the most: