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Here at, we are always on the lookout for great partnerships, guest contributions and promotional collaborations.

Guest Posting Guidelines

As you know, successful guest contributions stem from comprehensive and engaging posts, that can teach our readers something new about the world of technology and innovation.

We are mostly interested in review style articles, informational articles or white papers on tech gadgets, tech innovations and tech news.


  • Duplicate content. We don’t publish anything that has been taken from another website. Please make sure that your content is unique and you reference your sources correctly.
  • Max. one promotional link per guest post.
  • Content has to be of utmost quality. We keep the right to reject any content that we think is not a good fit for our blog (either topically or grammatically).
  • Minimum word count is 1250 words. The content must be unique, engaging and grammatically correct. It has to cover topics that are closely related to technology. Feel free to suggest topics in the form below.
  • Each guest post contribution must include at least one internal link to one of our existing blog posts.
  • You can’t write about anything that has been covered on our blog before. Please research this before you request a guest post contribution
  • Proper attribution to data sources, quotes or other source material that is used in the article.


We charge a publishing fee of $75.00 USD per guest post.

Please send along your invoice information (company name, full address, country, VAT number (if applicable)) so we can send you a proper invoice. We prefer payments via PayPal, but we can accept SEPA transfers and credit cards too.

We don’t publish

  • Anything that’s been covered on our blog before.
  • Anything that’s not related to tech / gadgets / innovation.
  • Anything that targets niches like gambling, pharma or erotica.
  • Anything that’s offensive or racially inclined.
  • Anything that shines a bad light on other companies. We don’t publish hit pieces.

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