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Technology gadgets have exploded in the past few years as it has become more mainstream, available and affordable. Activity trackers, smart watches, action cameras, gamebands and other wearable gadgets connect users with aspects of themselves and the environment that they couldn’t easily access before. These gadgets are some of the most prevalent innovations since the smartphone. People are now putting modern technology on their wrists, clothing and exercise equipment.

Wearable technology has become more mainstream. It’s not just a term used to describe the latest trend in workout headsets or digital watches, though. Wearable technology combines the use of sensors and a web connection to help you reach goals like staying active, losing weight and organizing your life. Some devices use GPS to track your location or that of your children. Some give you the ability to even do an EKG for you ( looking at you apple watch!)

GPS & Bluetooth Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking devices are awesome to keep track of your key, your phone or even your kids! While the Tile MATE and Tile Pro make it super easy to find your phone and track your kids in close proximity, a full-fledged GPS tracker covers everything in the country.

Action Cameras

Homepage 1Wearable cameras have changed the world of internet video. Strap the camera to your head, arm, chest or sports equipment to record your point of view. Action cameras are often used for adventure sports. Some are waterproof and can take viewers to the middle of the ocean to ride the waves with a surfer. More durable cameras can withstand heavy use and are ideal for recording outdoor escapades. Some wearable cameras only take still shots. Others take video or a combination of both. Bloggers who need to capture different aspects of their daily life, seekers of action who like to share their journeys with the world or families who enjoy being able to capture their vacations can take body and action cameras anywhere they go.

Activity Trackers 

Often referred to as fitness trackers, these devices can be as simple as gadgets that track the number of steps you take each day. They may also track more complex health information, such as sleep and heart rate.

Devices that track sleep contain an accelerometer. The accelerometer is a sensor that measures your body movement throughout the night. This type of sleep recording is called actigraphy. It uses algorithms to understand sleep patterns based on your movement. Actigraphy is surprisingly accurate when it comes to telling you how well you sleep.

The Fitbit and Letscom Trackers are perhaps the most common fitness trackers. Different modes allow you to track a variety of exercise sessions. The software automatically recognizes the type of exercise you’re performing and records it. You can also use the fitness wearable to provide step-by-step instructions for many exercises.

Competitive Sport Accessories

Athletes need to control how they take care of their bodies. Wearable fitness technology can help them regulate their health, change behavior, influence training and improve performance. It’s especially important for wearable devices to be unobtrusive for competitive athletes. Anything that gets in the way of the game won’t be a benefit.

Catapult has become an international leader in sports analytics. Professional sports teams use the wearable technology to gauge players’ fatigue and prevent injury. Catapult is worn inside a player’s compression shirt and gathers information about the way players are moving. It has an indoor GPS, an accelerometer and a gyroscope that tracks the body’s twisting and bending movements. The coaching staff can view this information in real time.

With the Zepp 3d products you can track, analyse and improve your swing.

Smart Watches

Homepage 2A smart watch is wearable technology that doesn’t just focus on health. Smart watches run different software that can allow users to do many of the same things that they do using their smartphones. Smart watches are often considered supplementary to a tablet or a smartphone. While they can collect data and show you notifications, they usually transmit more comprehensive information to other devices in order to be fully functional.

Some smart watches can retrieve text messages. Others can be used as a remote control for your television. They can be used to take pictures or to give you driving directions. Most smart watches connect to another mobile device via Bluetooth. They can be used to control certain functions on those mobile devices. They can also record basic health data in the same way that fitness and activity trackers do.

The Samsung Gear S2 is a super stylish high-tech smartwatch with overall astounding aesthetics. Samsung seems to have paid close attention to the design and overall structure of the watch. A wonderful piece of technology. And even better the S3, which comes at a higher price point, but has some nice added features. You should also check out the Amazfit Smartwatch by Huami and the TicWatch for a more budget friendly versions

Virtual Reality

One of the latest innovations in wearable technology is the virtual reality headset. The virtual reality headset gives you a private viewing experience for playing games or watching movies. Virtual reality glasses and headsets work with many different gaming systems. Some work with smartphones. Sensors in the headsets register the head’s movements to display lifelike 3D images on the screen. You will feel as though you’re part of the virtual reality environment. This technology is becoming more attainable and affordable. Of course, Oculus comes to mind.. right? Or Epson 3D RF? Also great!

Technology is simply awesome!

Technology trends allow people to connect with their world by linking up to data that they couldn’t collect before. Access to the internet is now at your fingertips. Data about your body and performance can be collected quickly and reliably. Wearables don’t interfere with the way you behave in your environment. Wearable fitness technology helps you keep track of your exercise goals. Wearable health technology and wearable medical devices help you become aware of what’s going on inside of your body. Wearables allow people to gain more knowledge about themselves and the world around them.