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Bose Introduces Sunglasses With Speakers: BOSE Frames

Bose Introduces Sunglasses With Speakers: BOSE Frames


Bose, the iconic headphones and speakers company, has a new product: BOSE Frames. These ingenious devices look and function like ordinary sunglasses, but they have tiny ...

These 10 CES 2019 Winners Deserve Your Attention

These 10 CES 2019 Winners Deserve Your Attention

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is again showcasing myriad innovations, so no matter where your interest lies, something new, exciting and possibly traffic stopping could ...

-8% A Breath of Fresh Air: A Deeper Look at the Latest Mac Tech

A Breath of Fresh Air: A Deeper Look at the Latest Mac Tech

If you're in the market for a new computer, the options these days are virtually endless. The different specifications of each will determine the device's overall effectiveness ...

Google’s New Headphones – The Google Pixel Buds Translate On-The-Fly

Google’s New Headphones – The Google Pixel Buds Translate On-The-Fly


On Wednesday, October 4th, Google held their Pixel 2 launch event in San Fransisco. While the bulk of the event detailed the features of the tech giant's new flagship Android ...

Get some sleep, dude? New startup Dreamlight developing the next-gen sleep mask

Get some sleep, dude? New startup Dreamlight developing the next-gen sleep mask


Dreamlight is a fresh startup company launching its product through Indiegogo. The idea behind the Dreamlight sleep mask is to improve the quality of sleep and promote better ...

Nintendo Boosting Switch Production

Nintendo Boosting Switch Production


Contrary to its usual policy, it looks like Nintendo may be boosting production on its ultra-popular Nintendo Switch console. A major hit in the US, the console is still ...

Update: Nintendo discontinues the classic NES – The time to get one is NOW!

Update: Nintendo discontinues the classic NES – The time to get one is NOW!


Not so long ago, we had a post about the classic NES and its absolute outstanding popularity. But now you might be out of luck, as Nintendo decided to discontinue the production ...

John Goodenough Revolutionizes the Battery, Again!

John Goodenough Revolutionizes the Battery, Again!


It looks like John B. Goodenough is set to revolutionize the battery once again. The former professor at the University of Texas was the inventor of the lithium-ion battery ...

Nokia 3310, ‘The Most Reliable Phone Ever Made’, To Be Re-Launched

Nokia 3310, ‘The Most Reliable Phone Ever Made’, To Be Re-Launched


If you've been missing the seemingly unending battery life and near god-like resiliency of your old Nokia 3310 phone, then you're in luck. It's coming back! HMD, the company that ...

What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology has exploded in the past few years as it has become more mainstream, available and affordable. Activity trackers, smart watches, action cameras and other wearable gadgets connect users with aspects of themselves and the environment that they couldn’t easily access before. Wearables are some of the most prevalent innovations since the smartphone. People are now putting modern technology on their wrists, clothing and exercise equipment.

Wearable technology can include fitness wearables, which are sports and fitness accessories that help monitor activity, sleep, speed and other data that’s relevant to your health. It also includes devices that can be worn on the body or attached to equipment like surfboards and skateboards.

Wearable technology has become more mainstream. It’s not just a term used to describe the latest trend in workout headsets or digital watches, though. Wearable technology combines the use of sensors and a web connection to help you reach goals like staying active, losing weight and organizing your life. Some devices use GPS to track your location or that of your children.

Many wearable devices are worn on the wrist. Some designs are made to clip to your clothing or hang around your neck. If you don’t covet the look of technology on your arm, you can find devices that double as unobtrusive jewelry.

Activity Trackers and Health Devices

Often referred to as fitness trackers, these devices can be as simple as gadgets that track the number of steps you take each day. They may also track more complex health information, such as sleep and heart rate.

Devices that track sleep contain an accelerometer. The accelerometer is a sensor that measures your body movement throughout the night. This type of sleep recording is called actigraphy. It uses algorithms to understand sleep patterns based on your movement. Actigraphy is surprisingly accurate when it comes to telling you how well you sleep.

The Fitbit and Letscom Trackers are perhaps the most common fitness trackers. Different modes allow you to track a variety of exercise sessions. The software automatically recognizes the type of exercise you’re performing and records it. You can also use the fitness wearable to provide step-by-step instructions for many exercises.

Check out the latest and best fitness trackers below for more details:

Activity Trackers and Health Devices for Kids

Digital monitors for kids are helping parents keep their kids safe and healthy. Wearable health devices can be used for infants or school-aged children to monitor their movements or check their breathing.

The Leapfrog LeapBand Activity Tracker encourages children ages 4 to 7 to make healthy choices. Active challenges get kids to incorporate fun ways of moving into their life. As they move, kids get rewards that unlock different features on the wristband.

The Mimo Smart Baby Breathing and Activity Monitor is a onesie that you put on your baby. It contains a sensor that picks up your baby’s breathing activity, body position and temperature. It alerts you of any changes in your child’s movements or breathing patterns. You can access the data from a smartphone whether you’re in the living room or at a restaurant. Though the technology for this kinda of device is not really developed enough yet – hence the mediocre reviews for this product.

Of course, the LETSCOM fitness trackers are also a great choice for kids and teenagers.

But there are many more, like these . Check out the products below on Amazon:

Hiking and GPS Devices

If you spend a lot of time working out outdoors, tracking your activity and location may be important. GPS tracking watches can display maps that help you plan your route and record where you’ve been. Some have notification options that make you aware of emails or texts as you travel. Many will also record your activity and calories burned.

The Garmin 230 or 235 is the best-selling GPS device right now with a highly sensitive GPS tracker. It keeps track of your mapping, your routes, tracks and waypoints. The Garmin Forerunner 920 XT is waterproof and has a long battery life. It has a large display that allows you to see your data all at once instead of switching through various modes. It’s an ideal device for tracking distance and pace during long walks, runs, bike rides or swims.

These are only a few. There are many more awesome GPS tracker. Check them out below:

Competitive Sport Accessories

Athletes need to control how they take care of their bodies. Wearable fitness technology can help them regulate their health, change behavior, influence training and improve performance. It’s especially important for wearable devices to be unobtrusive for competitive athletes. Anything that gets in the way of the game won’t be a benefit.

Catapult has become an international leader in sports analytics. Professional sports teams use the wearable technology to gauge players’ fatigue and prevent injury. Catapult is worn inside a player’s compression shirt and gathers information about the way players are moving. It has an indoor GPS, an accelerometer and a gyroscope that tracks the body’s twisting and bending movements. The coaching staff can view this information in real time.

With the Zepp 3d products you can track, analyse and improve your swing.

What’s the latest in sport technology? Check out the products below:

Smart Watches

A smart watch is wearable technology that doesn’t just focus on health. Smart watches run different software that can allow users to do many of the same things that they do using their smartphones. Smart watches are often considered supplementary to a tablet or a smartphone. While they can collect data and show you notifications, they usually transmit more comprehensive information to other devices in order to be fully functional.

Some smart watches can retrieve text messages. Others can be used as a remote control for your television. They can be used to take pictures or to give you driving directions. Most smart watches connect to another mobile device via Bluetooth. They can be used to control certain functions on those mobile devices. They can also record basic health data in the same way that fitness and activity trackers do.

The Samsung Gear S2 is a super stylish high-tech smartwatch with overall astounding aesthetics. Samsung seems to have paid close attention to the design and overall structure of the watch. A wonderful piece of technology. And even better the S3, which comes at a higher price point, but has some nice added features. You should also check out the Amazfit Smartwatch by Huami and the TicWatch for a more budget friendly versions

But there are many, maaaany more. Check out some of the best ones below:

Smartwatches for Kids

Smart watches for kids can double as activity trackers or location-monitoring systems. Many offer two-way communication that keeps you connected and provides you with peace of mind.The Kidizoom Smartwatch is probably the most sold one on the market right now. It has awesome features and can be a great way to dive into the digital world for your little ones.

Tiles and GPS tracking devices.

With the Tile MATE and Tile Pro make it super easy to find your phone and track your devices in close proximity, the AMERICALOC GL300W is also a great GPS tracker to locate your kids, your car or even individual things. Having said that, the Americaloc comes with a monthly fee of 25$ USD to keep accurate tracking enabled.

For even more recommendations, check out the products below on Amazon:

Body and Action Cameras

Wearable cameras have changed the world of internet video. Strap the camera to your head, arm, chest or sports equipment to record your point of view. Action cameras are often used for adventure sports. Some are waterproof and can take viewers to the middle of the ocean to ride the waves with a surfer. More durable cameras can withstand heavy use and are ideal for recording outdoor escapades. Some wearable cameras only take still shots. Others take video or a combination of both. Bloggers who need to capture different aspects of their daily life, seekers of action who like to share their journeys with the world or families who enjoy being able to capture their vacations can take body and action cameras anywhere they go.

The GoPro is one of the most recognized names in action cameras. The GoPro HERO4 Silver shoots professional video and still photography with realistic clarity. Easily share what you capture with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Better than that? Check out the GoPro Hero5 – it has some incredible features (4k, 12MP Photos etc.)!

What’s the latest GoPro? Check it out below:

Action Cameras for Kids

Kids can practice creative filmmaking with wearable cameras designed for them. These cameras are less expensive but more durable than some of the devices that are made for adults. They can be used to create stop-motion animated videos or still pictures.

The VTech Kidizoom DUO is a great choice for any young kid. Perfect for taking quick shot and funny selfies. They are rugged enough to withstand falls and drops. It is designed to be used by children ages 4 to 9 years old.

Virtual Reality and 3D Glasses

One of the latest innovations in wearable technology is the virtual reality headset. The virtual reality headset gives you a private viewing experience for playing games or watching movies. Virtual reality glasses and headsets work with many different gaming systems. Some work with smartphones. Sensors in the headsets register the head’s movements to display lifelike 3D images on the screen. You will feel as though you’re part of the virtual reality environment. This technology is becoming more attainable and affordable. Of course, Oculus comes to mind.. right? Or Epson 3D RF? Also great!

If there are any more, check them out below:

Technology is awesome!

Wearable technology trends allow people to connect with their world by linking up to data that they couldn’t collect before. Access to the internet is now at your fingertips. Data about your body and performance can be collected quickly and reliably. Wearables don’t interfere with the way you behave in your environment. Wearable fitness technology helps you keep track of your exercise goals. Wearable health technology and wearable medical devices help you become aware of what’s going on inside of your body. Wearables allow people to gain more knowledge about themselves and the world around them.

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