Where are they? The Best Tracking Devices for Your Kids

If you’re a parent these days, you might be old enough to remember when people had to get directions to their destinations ahead of time, but rapid technological advancement has allowed us to progress through several more convenient means of navigation in recent years. While we used to puzzle over paper maps, consult web services for printable directions, and use windshield GPS units, most of today’s drivers just plug a business or address into their smartphone map service right before pulling away. But while the ubiquity of GPS-enabled devices has brought a great deal of convenience to the task of getting around, many people haven’t considered the additional benefits that GPS services can provide.

Did you know that today there are a number of child locator GPS options designed to enhance your children’s safety and provide parental peace of mind as you continue to entrust them with more freedom?

In this article, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about GPS tracking devices for children. Read on to find out what they are, how they work, and why you should consider them for your own family. We’ll even give you an idea of what some of the most popular options are today.

What is a GPS child locator?

As you may have guessed, a GPS child locator is a tracking device for children that provides parents with specific information about their children’s whereabouts at any given time. There are many designs featuring different shapes, sizes and functions to meet your specific tracking needs, which may vary based on the age of your child and the primary concerns you’d like to address.

How does it work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System – a network of satellites in space which constantly orbit the earth. We’ll spare you the complicated details, but devices equipped with GPS receivers – such as smartphones, navigators, and GPS tracking devices for children – are able to find at least four of these satellites at any time, pinpointing their own locations based on the distance from the device to each satellite. This trilateration makes GPS receivers quite accurate, and it’s why you know right away when you’ve taken a wrong turn on your way to that new restaurant.

Your GPS child locator is a small GPS receiver unit that is either carried or attached to a cellphone, wallet, set of keys, backpack, or other personal item that your child is expected to have. And as long as your child has this device, you’ll be able to find out where he or she is at the touch of a button.

Most of these devices communicate with your smartphone or tablet through a downloadable app, and you can receive information simply by opening the app or by enabling “push notifications.” (Push notifications allow the app to alert you of important information whether you’ve opened the application or not – think “new text messages” or “Facebook friend requests.”) Depending on the GPS child locator you choose, you’ll be able to set certain parameters so that you’ll be alerted in the event of an important change.

Moreover, while some of these devices are just designed to help you locate what you’re looking for with ease, others are equipped with communication functions – such as an emergency button – so that your child can let you know if something goes wrong.

Why should you consider one?

There are a number of reasons that people might choose to purchase a tracking device for their children. Some parents may use them for behavioral reinforcement, while others primarily use them for safety reasons.

If you’re the parent of a new driver, certain devices can be programmed to monitor driving habits and alert you any time your kid exceeds the speed limit by a certain number. If your child is only permitted or expected to go certain places at certain times, some GPS locators will let you know when the device leaves these predetermined boundaries.

But the most prominent concern for most people who choose to use child locator GPS services is the growing threat of abduction. It’s an awful thing to think about, but the danger is a reality that every responsible parent has to consider. A GPS locator could be crucial in helping the authorities locate your child quickly enough to prevent serious harm in the event of the unthinkable.

There’s no way that you can protect your child from the risk of abduction at all times, and some precautions that you might feel compelled to take could really limit your child’s sense of freedom and autonomy. With a GPS locator, you’ll be able to let your child learn to navigate the world, make wise decisions, and develop self-sufficiency and independence without feeling like you’re in the dark or worrying about their safety.

You may want to let your child walk home from school – with a GPS locator, you’ll be able to monitor this process with ease. You may worry about your teenager’s use of social media and the risk of dangerous predators – with a GPS locator, you can let your child interact with the digital world with a little more peace of mind.

What are some popular options to consider?


Our team at TechImperatives.com loves the KidGPS Tracker.

This device comes with a number of the features mentioned above:

  • Connection to your smartphone via downloadable application,
  • On-demand location feature with map display,
  • Panic button that your child can press to alert you of an emergency,
  • Push notifications in the event that your child leaves certain boundaries.

It also allows you to share your child’s location information with other approved adults, such as babysitters, grandparents, etc. in case you can’t be reached. The KidGPS tracker usually costs around $100, but it can be found on sale from time to time.

Want to know more? Read our complete review of the KidGPS tracker [here].

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Tile (Gen 2) Phone Finder. Key Finder

The Tile (Gen 2) Phone Finder is a small, unobtrusive, Bluetooth-enabled tile that can be attached to a personal item via keyring or its peel-off adhesive strip. Some people use the Tile to keep track of small personal items like remote controls, keys, and smartphones, because the Tile will ring loudly until found when it’s within Bluetooth range of the person who’s searching. So if you’re looking for a tracking device for children who tend to lose their small personal items, the Tile is perfect.

But the Tile can also communicate with its smartphone app to record the last place that the tile and the phone were together via the phone’s GPS receiver. So if your child goes missing and has a phone and an object with a Tile, you should be able to find out where those things are as long as your child still has them. Read our full review [here].

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The Ultimate Path to Security

In short, GPS child locators aren’t just for keeping track of kids who are on the rebellious side – they’re a remarkable source of support for any parents who are concerned for their children’s safety.

If you or your child is worried about these devices being a potential breach of privacy, they can be customized to give your child any amount of freedom or flexibility with which you feel comfortable. If they’re worried about being teased, the devices can be unobtrusive and easy to hide. Above all, if you explain to your child that it’s not trust, but safety that is the primary issue, it’s likely that he or she will understand and feel more secure taking one of these devices along.

Technology has definitely come a long way, but it’s not just there to make our lives easier – it can make us all safer too.

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