Samsung SSD 960 Evo – Faster than ever before!

Samsung SSD 960 Evo

Samsung is making big news with the announcement of their latest solid state drive, the 960 Evo. The 960’s predecessor, the 850 Evo, has long dominated the SSD space for high-end gamers’ and computing enthusiasts with the 960 is looking to be a worthy successor.

Samsung is reporting that the 960 Evo will be able to achieve read speeds of upwards of 3,200 Mb/s and write speeds of 1,900 Mb/s. The older 850 Evo reported 540 Mb/s read and 520 Mb/s write speeds. The significant increase in speed necessitates that the 960 Evo take advantage of an M.2 Port, rather than the traditional SATA port that only supports a theoretical transfer rate of 600 Mb/s. Samsung does not have plans to release the 960 Evo with a SATA interface, as that would artificially handicap the performance of their latest SSD.

The 960 Evo will initially be available in three sizes: 250 gigabytes, 500 gigabytes, and one terabyte. The 250/500Gb models will come equipped 512Mb cache, and the 1Tb will sport a 1Gb cache.

Carried forward from the 850 Evo, the 950 Evo is powered by 3D VNAND flash and Turbowrie; technologies designed to increase the drives speed significantly. New to the 950 Evo is a five core controller. Four cores to handle the drive itself, and a dedicated core to manage communication between the drive and the computer.

The 960 Evo offers some incredible speed and capacity, but also carries with it a hefty price tag. The 250Gb model will retail for $129, the 500Gb model for $249 and the 1TB will be available for $479. Those seeking the best performance in a drive will also need to ensure that their motherboard is equipped with the proper M.2 port to handle the 960 Evo.

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